Business ethics
A reflection of our values

Code of Contact
Our Code of Conduct reflects our values: commitment, openness, and innovation

The Code of Conduct lays down our basic rules of business conduct and underscores the principles and values we uphold at Bystronic. As a globally active company spanning a wide range of cultures, it is important for us to share a common consensus on how we work together. In the Code of Conduct, we have set out how we interact with each other as colleagues, but also how we deal with our customers and partners. It is our guideline when it comes to what we expect of each other in our interactions and what principles and values we are committed to.


At Bystronic, we are committed to acting honorably and ethically, with integrity, and in compliance with the law. Our Code of Conduct defines Bystronic’s principles, values, and aspirations. This encompasses how we behave at the workplace, how we make decisions on behalf of Bystronic, and how we work together with customers, regulatory bodies, and other business partners. The Code calls for strict compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to us.

Business ethics hotline

Openness is one of our corporate values. It is of great concern to us that it is possible to confidentially report (potential) violations of our Code of Conduct. The Bystronic Business Ethics Hotline is available to both employees and third parties ­– such as our customers, partners, and other persons – to submit reports – if desired anonymously.

Bystronic Business Ethics hotline for employees
Bystronic Business Ethics hotline for externals